This can be assessed through two levels: our skin structure and immune system. Why do we need to use natural products on our hair and skin?


Skin structure – The skin contains blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands, sensory cells, and is responsible for the functions of excretion and absorption. What we apply on our skin and scalp will be absorbed through the skin and enter the blood vessels and nerves. Trace amounts of chemical substances are generally excreted through the body’s metabolism. If you use products with non-natural and chemical ingredients everyday for a long time, the body would have been accumulating these chemicals continuously. When the body’s metabolism is slow, it may not be able to eliminate all of the chemicals, thus affecting our health and our skin condition.


Collagen – When it comes to skin structure, more people will be concerned about skin elasticity and aging. We are often told that we should supplement collagen, as these collagens will be deteriorated by skin inflammation, sun exposure or smoke. How do we avoid skin inflammation (pimples, scalp pimples)? Many haircare products on the market contain mineral oil, which smoothens the hair, but at the same time blocks the pores, causing inflammation on the skin, this coupled with fungal infection, causes pimples and/or scalp pimples. All these inflammations accelerate the breakdown of elastin, which ages the skin. Therefore, when choosing haircare and skincare products, remember to choose natural ones instead of those containing chemical materials.


Immune System – this protects the body from external attacks by responding appropriately. This can be divided into innate and acquired immunity. Innate immunity consists of our most common physical barrier, our skin. The skin and mucous membranes can block the invasion of microorganisms and other substances into the body. They can also secrete sweat and have a bactericidal function. Healthy skin is slightly acidic and has a mild antiseptic effect. If the skin is insufficient in combating such invasions, the body’s white blood cells will also respond to kill bacteria, this is called our innate barrier. There are many products on the market that solely focus on cleaning functions but they are likely to be alkaline, which is not consistent with the skin’s pH, hence causing irritation and destroying the original slightly acidic antibacterial ability of the skin. All Lanuwa haircare and body care products focus on the long-term health of the skin, the use of natural materials and an appropriate acidity are essential elements to achieve this.


Allergic reaction – More and more people are suffering from skin allergies. This is linked to pressure and lifestyle choices, but it cannot simply be explained in a few words. Everyone should relax when it is appropriate to do so. In a truly relaxed state, the sensitivity of the skin will be relatively reduced. Reserve yourself some leisure time everyday to let your mind completely relax, or inhale some natural essential oils to help relieve yourself. The formulae of our Lanuwa’s 100% natural essential oil inhalers are suited for relaxation, improving sleep, replenishing energy and enhancing memory. The floral and woody scented essential oils both help with relaxation and healing. There are four types of allergic reactions within the body, most only focus on types 1 and 4. Regarding type 1, the allergic reaction happens relatively quickly, occurring within 2-30 minutes. For example, some people experience asthma when exposed to pollen, this can be described as type 1 allergy. As for delayed allergic reactions (type 4), allergies occur around 1-3 days after exposure to allergens, which can be microorganisms, proteins, or drugs. In addition to trying to relax as much as possible, cultivate good work and rest habits, and avoid sources of allergens as much as possible. It is also important to find out the allergens and avoid the source.