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Do you believe that “changing habits can change destiny”?


By writing “49 Days Diary”, the author, Chen Xiaomian from the 6th Dimension, recorded 49 days of life, including the events of the day and her mood at the moment.
Although life may seem ordinary, it turns out that through writing, one can take a moment to remember the details of the day, and then find that life contains little wisdoms everywhere, which can lead to inspiration and change:
Love should be timely;
Lifetime earning;
Heart to heart;
“Today” is the best place to start;
Understanding yourself is the only way to treat yourself better.

Author: Chen Xiaomian from the 6th Dimension

The journey

After 49 days of habit-changing, through journaling and self-talk, I became more honest with myself and began to see changes both internally and externally. What were these changes? These changes have gradually blossomed and borne fruit, sowing the seeds of success in 49 days, cultivating new habits with care, and looking forward with clarity…

Amazing life sharing

I would like to share again the words of a master.


“Don’t even think about changing others. You have to learn to be like the sun, just emitting light and heat. Everyone reacts differently to the sunlight, some find it blinding, some find it warm, and some even avoid it. There is no sign of a seed before it breaks ground because it has not reached that point in time. Only you are your own savior.”