Increasingly, more and more of our friends and family have scalp or skin problems (myself included). Why is this phenomenon so common? The scalp or skin can both become sensitive easily, and the main reasons can be understood at three levels: external stimulation, endocrine, and mental health. In fact, anything that happens to any part of your body is a sign allowing you to tell what is going on right now.

External stimulation – the skin is the largest organ of the body, one of its functions is to protect the body, and it is also contributes to your immune system. When the skin is in contact with external stimuli, it will notify the brain. When the skin detects external stimuli or bacteria, the body’s immune system will automatically activate. Normally, dandruff is produced as a way for the skin to renew itself. Just like hair loss, it also acts as a form of renewal (as long as it is not excessive). Excessive scalp is mainly caused by fungal infections. Under the instructions of the immune system, the skin continues to create stratum corneum, and it continues to proliferate in order to fight foreign substances. It only takes natural and simple methods to reduce inflammation and moisturise. For example,  No.2 Lanuwa PURIFYING shampoo (anti-dandruff) soothingly reduces dandruff, to be paired with No. 1  Lanuwa WELL-BEING conditioner for maximum effect. In addition, rushing to dry your hair on a high heat after shampooing has the effect of irritating the scalp, so you should dry it with warm air instead. When the scalp is overstimulated by excessive heat, it elicits a defensive response which secretes oil in order to moisturise the scalp. For those who already use natural hair products but still get an oily scalp, pay attention to daily habits such as your diet, for example, fried or spicy food irritates the skin causing itches easily; which is why more and more people are pursuing a natural, healthy, vegan diet.
Endocrine – The body receives internal instructions from two areas: the nervous system and the endocrine system. For example, the natural reaction of snatching your hands away when touching hot objects is an instruction given by the nervous system, which happens very quickly; by comparison, the latter system is usually neglected, as it functions relatively slowly and has a long lasting effect. Stress and endocrine are closely related, an example of this is Cortisol. Many people may not be willing to admit that they are under stress, and some do not even realise that they are under stress. When there are problems with the skin (including the scalp), it acts as a reminder to oneself. Cortisol itself helps the body cope with stress, but if a person remains in a stressful environment for a long time, excessive cortisol will affect the body’s immune system.  Try to positively remind yourself that you need to relax using the simplest and most direct methods, such as inhaling natural, pure, vegan essential oils.  Pure essential oils are extracted from natural plants, which have their own defense capabilities in order to combat natural challenges of the environment such as the weather, insects, and animal invasions. Likewise, pure essential oils extracted from plants can target different needs. Do not inhale nor smell artificial flavours, as  these are all chemical substances (non-natural) which are harmful to the body. When you wish to relax, simply inhale pure essential oils, such as our No.10 Lanuwa HAPPY ME TIME (Holidays) essential oil. For me, especially when I am under a lot of pressure, I make sure to inhale essential oils daily, as I have seen improvement in my body and skin condition within a month of doing so.  Many do not know that long-term digestive problems are also affected by endocrine in addition to skin problems. By inhaling our No.12 Lanuwa YOUNG ME (Everyday), it helps the stomach as it contains Cardamom essential oil.  For those who does not sleep well, use our No.11 Lanuwa SLEEPING ME (Today) containing Vetiver and Sweet Marjoram pure essential oils, which helps us fall asleep easily, as everyday becomes a joyful day.
Mental Health – For those with sensitive scalps, especially those who have extremely sensitive scalps, it can get very uncomfortable at times, as it becomes instinct to scratch any itches which can easily result in skin infections. Therefore, it is understandable that managing such infections would be mentally draining, not to mention the severe physical discomfort that already persists. Nevertheless, skin infections can be interpreted as the skin communicating to us that we need healing on the inside. Although this might seem like a difficult concept to grasp, the idiom “your external appearances reflects your internal” makes it easier to understand. If you find any problems with your skin or your scalp, try to change your inner self, alter your mindset in order to accept yourself. “Happiness is a journey” heavily depends on your own perspective and way of thinking.  Another simple method is to use natural products on your skin or scalp.  Never use products containing alcohol or preservatives on your skin, as this damages the protective function of the skin epidermis. Our No.6 Lanuwa Natural Brightening toner and No.8 Lanuwa Natural Rejuvenation Lotion (anti-wrinkles),  do not contain any alcohol, preservatives, and they are extracted from pure natural plants, which will not irritate the skin.
Finally, how to be in a good mood? To be happier and full of joy? The fastest, most direct and effective method is through the olfactory nervous system. Do you recall eating oranges or pineapples when you were little? Through the aroma produced by the fruit, you feel a sense of joy. For those who live busy lives, simply carry a set of No. 10-15 Lanuwa natural pure essential oil wooden inhalers with you everyday, you can easily carry them in your pocket. Through the aroma of natural plants, you can enhance your inner self and be accompanied by a sense of happiness everyday. After all, happiness is a journey, not a destination.


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