Like our faces, the scalp is also skin that requires our care and attention. Think about the ways you take care of you face. Isn’t it natural to use a moisturiser after you wash your face?

Some might think that shampoo is enough for cleaning their hair. However, these people also experience itching and dry scalp. This is because their scalp lacks hydration. Our skin, including the scalp, requires a healthy balance of oil and water. When there is not enough moisture, our skin will try to counterbalance it by producing oil. Hence, we prevent oily scalp by keeping a sufficient level of moisture on our head. You can achieve this by conditioning your hair after each wash. This will result in healthy hair follicles and natural hair growth.

What is the scalp’s optimal pH level?

Healthy skin is slightly acidic with a pH level between 4 to 5.5, offering natural antibacterial and moisturising features. If you are concerned about the health of your scalp,how can you use a non-natural, chemical-filled conditioner? 

Few conditioners can be used directly on the scalp as a treatment, but NUWA No.1 conditioner can! This is because NUWA does not contain mineral oil or silicone. NUWA shampoo and conditioner are all slightly acidic (pH 4-5.45), in line with the natural state of our scalp, preventing excess hair loss, dandruffs and sensitive skin.


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