Physiological structure of hair follicles and pores – Physiologically, the structure of male and female hair is basically the same, with no difference between genders; only the growth pattern is slightly different, with male hairlines tending to be M-shaped and female hairlines resembling U-shaped. Generally, adult men’s hair grows a little faster than women’s, but cultural background factors tend to motivate lady’s long hair. Why are men relatively more prone to hair loss? Because men secrete more testosterone (also known as testicular hormone) than women, which is 7-8 times that of adult women, making the overall skin and hair more oily, and excessive oil secretion affects the health and growth of hair follicles. The general function of natural hair growth essence is to activate fragile hair follicles, strengthen hair roots, and promote scalp blood circulation. Also, Lanuwa natural hair growth essence has a water-soluble nature, it does not increase the oiliness of the scalp surface, making it suitable for use on both male and female scalps, allowing the scalp to absorb nutrients in a dry and comfortable environment and promote healthy hair growth.


Using hair growth essence on eyebrows – some women apply hair growth essence to their eyebrows to promote eyebrow growth. The physiological structure of eyebrows and hair is not very different, except that the hair roots of eyebrows are thicker than those of hair. The normal growth period of eyebrows is about 30 days, while the growth period of hair is about 2 to 5 years. This explains why hair is generally much longer than eyebrows, which also varies from person to person and is related to genetics.


Essential oil ingredients – There are many natural ingredients in nature that can promote hair growth, and when combined into hair growth “water / essence”, can be applied to the head to help promote healthy hair growth. If the hair growth product is an “oil” product, we must pay attention to whether it contains certain essential oils. Essential oils concentrate plant essences during the distillation process, so they need to be diluted to a very low concentration before use on the skin. In particular, some essential oils, such as clary sage, have properties that promote menstruation or balance hormone secretion, which are not suitable for pregnant women especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Other women do not need to be overly worried. Men are not affected by this.


Minoxidil is a prescription drug used to treat high blood pressure or hair loss, and is an artificial synthetic chemical, not a natural product. There are Minoxidil hair growth products or oral medications on the market, as it is a drug, we cannot comment it’s efficacy or side effects easily. Because it is a drug, it’s usage or application should vary from person to person, and it is important to consult a doctor who can prescribe it to you to determine whether it is suitable for men, women, or yourself.


Lanuwa Natural Hair Growth Essence (No.5) is a water-based extract of natural plant rosemary verbenone, with a slightly acidic pH of 4.5, without preservatives or alcohol, certified organic by Agriculture France, suitable for all scalp types, refreshing and non-greasy. It activates fragile hair follicles, strengthens hair roots, and improves hair thinning.


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