Physical health is often linked to personal habits, which can be divided into physical and psychological aspects. Only simple changes are required in order to rejuvenate health, it does not need to be complicated. As people are often lazy, it means that complicated methods may only be done once and will not have a lasting effect, instead it would be easier to achieve consistency with simpler methods.


Quick fixes to remedy frequent headaches

  1. Dry your hair with warm air immediately after shampooing, especially the roots

  2. Warm the back of your neck with warm air

  3. Wear a necklace that relaxes muscles and promotes blood circulation (choose a good one carefully)

  4. Make sure the back and the neck are warm, for example by wearing a scarf


From the physical point of view, headaches are generally related to poor local blood circulation. The aforementioned points can warm the head and neck and promote good blood circulation. These methods also have additional benefits, such as the scalp being kept dry, meaning that it would not be easy for bacteria to breed, resulting in a lack of dandruff. In addition, treating your hair with warm air will not irritate the skin and cause excessive dandruff on the scalp when compared to using hot air. If you have an oily scalp, you can use our No.2 Purifying Shampoo and No.1 Well-being Conditioner, both being mild cleanse, as well as being slightly acidic matching with the natural pH value of the scalp, meaning that it‘s hypoallergenic.


From the psychological point of view, many do not realise that they have headaches as they often get overshadowed by the troubles and difficulties in life, which transforms into anxiety. Some may find that their micro blood vessels are more prominent visibly. These phenomena are mostly related to the endocrine system. When a person is under long-term pressure or anxiety, the body will secrete a hormone: adrenaline cortisol, it can be said that the body is in a state of war. When being under such a state for a long time, people will appear tired and spiritless. This is a sign telling us that the problems need to be solved. How do we solve them? Through improving our mood and lifting our spirits, we can face up to our problems positively. Inhaling the aroma of flowers, fruits and some natural pure essential oils with relaxing functions, such as neroli,  mandarin, vetiver, sweet marjoram… these will send a message to the brain via smell, and have the effect of altering the mood.  You will start to notice that your mood will change as you feel happier and more relaxed. Your physical condition can improve after a month of inhaling such scents. Try our No. 10 Lanuwa HAPPY ME TIME natural pure essential oils consisting of vetiver, neroli, mandarin, and Roman chamomile, allowing the body and mind to enjoy its downtime, relax and let go of pressure.  Our No. 11 Lanuwa SLEEPING ME natural pure essential oils consisting of sweet marjarom, mandarin, and lavender, allowing people to have better sleep, recharge with sweet dreams, and eliminate any physical fatigue previously caused by poor sleep quality.


Some problems cannot be solved in one day. Try altering your small habits, such as inhaling natural essential oils, and live with a positive mindset, the problems in our lives will gradually become easier. As always, happiness is a journey, not a destination. Let’s enjoy life!


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