When hair follicles are infected by bacteria, the immune system kicks in immediately, resulting in redness, swelling, heat and pain, hence forming pimples on the scalp. If this happens on the face or any other parts of the body, it is simply known as pimples.

Many have experienced pimples or blackheads occasionally and it is normal. If they occurs frequently, it is likely to be related to the following factors:

1. Poor sleeping habits (i.e. going to sleep too late)

2. Indigestion

3. Skin irritation

4. Dehydrated skin


Sleeping late – Some may wonder how sleep is related to skin health? Our nervous system and endocrine system are both responsible for the balance and health of the body. Amongst the two, the autonomic nervous system functions involuntarily as it cannot be controlled by individuals, and are further divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Simply put, the sympathetic system is activated in order to cope with stress or work, and the parasympathetic system governs relaxation, rest, and digestion. When working at night, the parasympathetic system (rest) is suppressed, and norepinephrine levels remain elevated during rest time at night, which stimulates the body to secrete oil, hence excess oil appears on the skin, which transforms as scalp pimples after infection.


Indigestion – Many feel hungry when they are idle. Why? When the parasympathetic system is activated, the body enters into a state of digestion. The liver secretes bile, which helps digest and decompose fat.  The liver also decomposes toxins and eliminate them from the body. When the body lacks rest, or is too tense or anxious, it will suppress the parasympathetic system and prevent normal digestion. For some, it may result in weaker stomachs, stomach pain, fat accumulation, poor detoxification, or inflammation on both the inside and outside. Scalp acne or acne on the skin represents one type of inflammation. Are there any workarounds for this? How should we let go of tension, anxiety, and in turn truly rest in order to help digestion, detoxification, and reduce inflammation in the body? Rest and relaxation stimulate the secretion of dopamine, resulting in a feeling of pleasure. Lanuwa’s 100% natural essential oil wood inhaler gift sets act as aid to the following: relaxation, sleep, fatigue, vitality, and memory. Our natural essential oils include neroli, mandarin, vetiver, black spruce… So you can freely choose when to relax, rest, or concentrate on work.


Skin irritation – the skin protects the body, whilst melanin, waterproof structure and the immune system protect the body from external invasion. When the skin senses an external irritation, whether it be chemical or irritating substances, the skin becomes red, itchy or slightly swollen. In effect, this signals the body to rinse or remove such substances. The usual irritation is transient, it may last for a few minutes or several hours, and begin to subside after rinsing. However, some chemicals such as mineral oil or dimethicone are not easy to wash off and instead stay on the epidermis, which can cause hair loss, scalp acne, and sensitivity in addition to clogging pores. Furthermore, some substances not only causes the skin to itch, they may also trigger the immune mechanism that produces allergic reactions, as asthma and eczema are typical examples of allergies as a result of the immune response.  Pay attention in order to identify substances that induce allergic reactions, which varies from person to person.  Lanuwa’s shampoo and conditioners prevent hair loss, dandruff, and sensitivity.  We have specially selected a natural hypoallergenic formula, which cleanses gently whilst taking into account the slightly acidic nature of a healthy scalp to prevent allergies. It does not feel slippery when shampooing, as there are no slippery chemicals of mineral oil or dimethicone. We focus on the gentle cleansing of scalp and sterilisation.  Prevent pulling hair aggressively, instead after rinsing, use Lanuwa’s No. 1 well-being conditioner, as the honey-based ingredients smoothens hair naturally, to the point where tangled hair can also be naturally and smoothly combed.


Dehydrated skin – The scalp and the skin needs a balance of moisture and lipids to be healthy. Some people often wash their face or hair because of excessive oil secretion, however after cleansing, it should be noted that there is a lack of hydration and lipids. When the skin senses an insufficiency of water, it secretes lipids to moisturise, resulting in a continuous production of oil. These oils and dandruff are favoured by many microorganisms, which encourages the growth of such microorganisms, leading to infection and scalp pimples.  After washing your face, use Lanuwa’s slightly acidic natural brightening toner or rejuvenation (anti-wrinkle) lotion. After replenishing moisture with natural plant extracts, you would also need to moisturise with a suitable natural skin care product to maintain lipid balance.  After washing your hair, apply Lanuwa’s No.1 well-being conditioner, which is naturally mild and hypoallergenic, maintaining the balance of water and lipid of a healthy scalp.


If you have any of the above habits, alter them slightly and use only natural products to live a happier and healthier life.


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