1. Natural, Alcohol Free, Preservative Free – Your skin’s worst enemy is chemicals, alcohol and parabens. In addition to protecting the body (through its waterproof structure and immune mechanism), the skin also functions as excretion and absorption, absorbing very fine substances, including chemicals and vitamins. What is applied on the skin daily will not only stay in the epidermis, but will also be absorbed by the skin and enter the blood vessels and nerves. So, when applying skincare or cleansing products, do you only focus on its functions? Or do you consider the types of chemicals and preservatives that enter the body as a result? In addition to the Stratum Corneum, the Stratum Granulosum are also exposed to alcohol or preservatives for a long time, which will affect the skin’s protective function and cause a loss of moisture, causing dryness or aging. Remember to choose natural, alcohol-free, preservative-free skincare products.  Our Lanuwa No. 6 Natural Brightening Toner, No. 8 Rejuvenation (Anti-Wrinkles) Lotion, and all our skincare and haircare products are alcohol-free and preservative-free.


2. Thorough Cleansing – As you rest every night, your body digests, absorbs, and excretes. In this resting state, the skin can easily absorb nutrients. Consequently, we must ensure that our follicle pores are clean and unblocked before such absorption occurs. General cosmetic products focus on making the skin pore-free and smooth, which in turn hide/block pores to a certain extent using fat-soluble cleansing products. In general, substances can be divided into fat-soluble or water-soluble. Water-soluble substances are relatively easy to clean, while fat-soluble substances need to be dissolved, emulsified, and then cleaned. As many cleansing oils are oil-based, they can dissolve lipids (cosmetics). After cleansing fat-soluble substances, use a facial cleanser or gel for cleansing water-soluble substances. If makeup or sunscreen are applied, these are the minimum two steps we must take during the cleansing process, and I believe that most ladies are familiar with it. However, many people have dull skin, pimples, scalp pimple, or tiny fat granules on the face, these problems arise as a result of not undergoing a thorough cleansing process. The pores are blocked, toxins are accumulated, and metabolism is functions relatively slowly. It is necessary to use mild and slightly acidic cleansing products, apply mild natural exfoliating products once a week or bi-weekly, not to irritate the skin as a premise. Healthy skin is slightly acidic, which is beneficial to the skin’s moisture retention. When choosing products relating to skin cleansing, facial cleansing or hair care, such products being natural and slightly acidic are a top priority.  All haircare and body care products of Lanuwa are natural, slightly acidic, matching the pH value of healthy skin.


3. Balance of Oil and Moisture – Moisture and lipids are required after cleansing in order to maintain healthy skin. As mentioned above, substances are divided into water-soluble and fat-soluble. The nutrients needed will be brought into the skin via water or lipids, the hypodermis can then absorb them and become their own nutrients. Collagen helps the skin and blood vessel walls stretch and needs sufficient nutrients for its renewal ability.  However, the amount of collagen decreases with age, resulting in wrinkles and muscle relaxation. When we are young, it is easier to secrete lipids for replenishment as secretion is strong. Overtime, you will only be able to replenish moisture and oil through the outer layer of the skin as much as possible in order to achieve a suitable balance.


4. Sun Protection – The skin resists ultraviolet light through its own melanin, so as to avoid damaging the dermis or hypodermis. The melanin found in infants is not sufficient and therefore they cannot be exposed to excessive sunlight. When adults are exposed to the sun, melanin will accumulate and precipitate. Although our metabolism will decompose, the rate of decomposition may be slower than the time it takes for our skin to form freckles as a result of sun exposure. Inflammation (pimples, scalp pimples), sun exposure, and smoking all accelerate the decomposition of Elastin fibre, which in turn accelerates the aging of skin, resulting in wrinkles or dullness. In order to brighten and rejuvenate skin, focusing on prevention is more effective and easier than attempting to find a cure. In order to prevent wrinkles, be sure to have adequate sun protection.


5. Drink a Sufficient Amount of Water – Water is very important to our bodies as it is involved in the following functions: body transportation, excretion, regulating body temperature, chemical reactions, digestion, lubricating joints, and protecting the body. We will experience low blood pressure, constipation, electrolyte imbalance, and infection when we lack hydration. It is highly related to health, but is it also related to skin brightening and rejuvenation? I have friends who avoid drinking water so that they don’t need to use the toilets outside. When they understood the relationship between the importance of drinking water and their skin, they started to change their habits. The body needs to eliminate toxins through excretion, if such toxins accumulate in the body, metabolism will naturally slow down. The skin can decompose and excrete old and dead cells, as well as dark spots through metabolism. Drinking less water will affect this detoxification process. In addition, electrolyte balance is very important in order to maintain the normal operation of cells and organs. Many athletes will drink electrolyte drinks to supplement the body’s needs after losing electrolytes, so that the cells can function normally. Malfunction of cells will affect metabolism and age the skin. The body is susceptible to infections when lacking hydration, which can lead to inflammations such as pimple or scalp pimple.


6. Gastrointestinal Detoxification – The liver is the main organ responsible for decomposing toxins. When food is digested in the stomach, it is converted into small molecules that can be absorbed by the body, which is then transported to the liver through the hepatic portal vein. The liver also secretes bile in order to dissolve fat. Generally, our stomachs are emptied 4 hours after a meal, but this can change depending on our psychological state. For example, the process of digestion will be suppressed when we are under stress, as the parasympathetic nerve system is connected to rest and digestion. The sympathetic nerve is activated when there is tension or stress, which in turn deactivates the parasympathetic nerve, affecting digestion. When digestion and detoxification are not done thoroughly, toxins will start accumulating in the body, which slows down metabolism. The skin will also age quicker, lose luster and grow wrinkles faster. In order to prevent this, simply take a break after meals and don’t do work immediately after, as the process of digestion is made easier when the body is in a relaxed state. Alternatively, inhale our Lanuwa No. 12 YOUNG ME natural essential oil inhaler, as cardamom and grapefruit essential oils are beneficial to the stomach and improve digestion. Our Lanuwa No. 10 HAPPY ME TIME and No.11 SLEEPING ME both contain natural and pure essential oils for relaxation and stress relief, allowing those who have busy schedules to easily feel relaxed for a brief moment.


7. Taking Baths – Taking baths can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and expel toxins from the body as quickly as possible. You can also add bath salts to achieve an even better effect. However, please note that some people may be allergic to salt, so be cautious. A simple bath or a foot bath will suffice. The causes of skin aging include hereditary, weakened ability of cell replication, accumulation of metabolic waste… these all affect the normal functioning of cells and cause structural changes in the connective tissue. Fun fact: the Japanese take baths every day, which is one of their ways of living healthily. However, it all depends on your personal schedule. Personally, I prefer taking a bath 2-3 days a week especially in the winter, as well as adding natural essential oils for detoxification and skin rejuvenation (please consult your aromatherapist before you do this), this most definitely produces a delightful and relaxing combination. The easiest method to brighten skin is to expel the waste produced by metabolism as soon as possible. In doing so, the skin will not age as quickly, hence keeping the skin looking young, brightened, and rejuvenated.


8. Adequate Amount of Rest – The long-term stability of our body functions depends on the balance between the nervous system and the endocrine system. Our health and skin condition are closely related to these two systems. Endocrine imbalance can suppress our immune response, which leaves the body prone to inflammation, pimple, and scalp pimple. The parasympathetic system dictates our rest and digestion. When the body has not had enough rest, the parasympathetic system is inhibited, which leads to a less effective digestive system, resulting in long-term stomach pain and indigestion. Endocrine also affects the redistribution of fat in the body. Some may experience obesity in their middle age and excessive fat accumulation in certain areas. As many are constantly exposed to a stressful working and living environment, the body remains in a state of combat. As a result, the sympathetic system becomes activated for a prolonged period, leading to high cortisol levels, and easily damaged cranial nerves. Instead, let’s relax! Stress is the origin of many diseases and skin problems, and nothing is more important than your own health! Don’t know how to relax? Try to use natural pure essential oils to help. The most direct and effective method is to inhale natural pure essential oils, not artificial fragrances, but those with relaxation functions such as our Lanuwa No. 10-15 Natural Essential Oil Inhalers Gift Set. Perfect for relieving pressure and staying healthy.


9. Stay Positive – The body releases dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters that are responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being. Research show that the release of dopamine is related to exercise. If you feel down, try doing a little exercise if you can, whether it be hiking, swimming, or just stretching your muscles and bones… this can brighten up your mood. Metabolism is also affected by mental health, and skin can naturally detoxify, brighten, and rejuvenate easily with good metabolism, hence maintaining good mental health helps immensely.


10. Select Skincare Products Carefully – Carefully distinguish between types of products which are meant to be washed off or left on the skin to be absorbed. For skin cleansing products that are rinsed off, you may add some Citrus essential oils (with a low concentration formula) to the ingredients under the advice of your aromatherapist, as this is good for dissolving fat particles on the skin, breaking down pimple and scalp pimple. However, if this is used in skin care products, it will not be rinsed immediately, instead it will stay on the skin’s surface and be absorbed by the skin. Hence, be careful with fruit (Citrus) ingredients as they are photosensitive, the skin will easily absorb ultraviolet light and becomes relatively easy to pigment. Some skincare products emphasize the brightening function but neglect this side effect, so that the initial effect is obvious. However, as time passes the user of such products will easily absorb more ultraviolet light causing pigmentation. Many skincare brands fail to notice this, and only focus on the short-term effects of the products for promotion whilst ignoring the longevity of such effects. Alike many years ago, we were not aware that it is bad to deal with eczema or other skin problems with steroids, but now many understand the negative effects of doing so.


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