There are many different advertisements for hair growth currently on the market, however not many focus on having natural ingredients, and instead solely focus on effect. Most hair growth products use scientific substances and chemical treatments to improve hair growth in the short-term only, without considering the long-term health of the body and scalp.  In fact, there are many organic methods to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth which are easy, and not as difficult as some may imagine.


1. Excessive Oil Secretion – Healthy hair growth depends on healthy hair follicles. There are many reasons for excessive oil secretion in the hair: genetics, hormone secretion, external stimuli… these all have the effect of stimulating the scalp to produce excessive oil. When the scalp secrets oil excessively for a long time, hair follicles cannot grow healthily, resulting in hair loss. However, don’t panic if you have an oily scalp. Instead, focus on moisturising and cleansing the scalp gently, it is recommended that you wash and properly moisturise your hair everyday before going to bed to keep your scalp fresh. Alternatively, applying natural hair growth essence will also keep the scalp refreshed. Please note that rest also allows hair follicles to gradually return to health. Those with oily scalps may tend to choose shampoos containing tea-tree as a remedy. Although tea-tree is a natural ingredient itself, please pay attention to its concentration. Some may be allergic to tea-tree without knowing, which may irritate the scalp even more. Try using our Lanuwa No. 2 Purifying Shampoo (preventing dandruff and pimples), which contains mild aloe vera to reduce inflammation, purify hair follicles, and freshen oily scalps.


2. Hormonal Imbalance – Hormonal imbalance can lead to hair loss. What should we do to prevent this? Natural essential oils can theoretically help with balancing hormones, however applying such oils on the scalp is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the hair covers most of the scalp, which needs to be as clear as possible in order to avoid the breeding of microorganisms. Otherwise, this will induce infection and scalp pimple. It is recommended to inhale some natural essential oils that balance body, which allows the central nervous system to coordinate with the endocrine system, in order to attain a lasting internal balance. Whilst some natural pure essential oils effectively balance internal system, we should still take precautions before using such products. Allow me to introduce rose or frankincense essential oils that are generally suitable to everyone. Simply inhale and do not apply onto the scalp or skin. Please note that pure essential oils cannot be applied onto the skin, as only products with a low concentration of less than 1% can be applied to the skin. How to achieve a concentration level of below 1%? Please do not adjust concentrations of products yourself, as it is best to ask a professional aromatherapist to arrange it for you. Natural rose essential oils are expensive, and it is difficult to buy genuine rose essential oils. This is because genuine rose essential oils crystallise at room temperature, and are not in liquid state. It is recommended to inhale our Lanuwa No. 12 YOUNG ME Natural Essential Oil inhaler, which contains frankincense and can help with balancing the body’s system for a long time.


3. Aging – After puberty, the body and hair follicles enter a stage of gradual aging. Contrasting with the immense growth rate experienced during puberty, this begins to slow down. In order for hair to continue to grow, hair follicles would need to be activated, which can be done through the help of natural (not chemical) ingredients.  Much of European research indicate that Rosemary Verbenone is an excellent choice for activating hair follicles and stimulating hair regeneration. As mentioned before, the scalp needs to be dry and fresh, hence Lanuwa transforms Verbenone into liquid form, embodied in our Lanuwa No. 5 Natural Hair Growth Solution, which can easily be applied directly on a freshly cleansed scalp, and keeps the scalp refreshed. Many of our customers have seen hair growth within a month using our product. Of course, it should also be emphasised that there is no way to re-activate hair follicles that have died, whilst thinning hair and weak hair follicles can be stimulated to encourage hair growth. Some clients have tried to increase the volume of their eyebrows using this formula, and they have seen results in two weeks.


4. Fungal Infections – Excessive dandruff is caused by fungal infections. Many don’t care about using natural products for the hair at all, as regular shampoo available in the market makes the hair feel very good and smooth. However, the mineral oils and dimethicone contained in regular shampoo can cause hair to fall out. Some laboratory substances will overstimulate the scalp and are not compatible with the natural pH value of the scalp. The body’s defense system is activated, and oils are secreted in the hair. As hair covers the scalp, it can easily be infected by bacteria and fungi, resulting in excess dandruff. Hair follicles cannot grow healthily under such circumstances, which leads to hair loss. The easiest way to avoid this is to use natural, slightly acidic shampoo and haircare products that do not irritate the scalp, are mildly cleansing and anti-inflammatory, and continue to use these during the 28-day renewal cycle. In this way, hair will gradually go back to growing healthily. All Lanuwa haircare products are natural and slightly acidic, matching the natural pH of skin. If you have dandruff, you can use our Lanuwa No. 2 Purifying shampoo (preventing dandruff and pimples), which does not irritate the skin and is mildly anti-inflammatory.


5. Make Good Use of Aromatherapy – Many research reports have confirmed that natural essential oils can help with hair growth. Some professional formulas choose  to turn essential oils into massage oils, massaging it onto the scalp every two weeks (leave on for 2 hours), and then rinse it off with natural shampoo. However, it is difficult to find the perfect concentration of essential oils by simply mixing them ourselves. Therefore, please consult your professional aromatherapist for this. Some essential oils have the function of balancing internal systems and regenerating hair. If you need the assistance of a professional aromatherapist based in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp. Lanuwa extracts rosemary verbenone into plant essence, which allows all types of scalps to grow hair naturally.


6. Use Natural Shampoo and Conditioner – Many don’t choose haircare products with natural ingredients, as they think that such products need only to be effective, make hair feel smooth to the touch, and are cheap. In fact, the scalp, like the skin, can absorb and excrete. Nutrients will pass through the scalp, entering the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and finally be absorbed into the blood vessels. Chemical substances and toxins will enter the blood vessels as well, decomposed through the liver, and excreted from the body. Given that we use shampoo every day, if “non-natural” shampoo and conditioner are used, chemicals will enter your skin and blood vessels every day. When the body goes through metabolism, as the body functions normally, such chemicals will be excreted in time. However, as the metabolism slows down over time, these chemicals will accumulate in the body, hindering the normal functioning and health of the body. As metabolism slows down through aging, hair naturally thins as a result. If you use “non-natural” shampoo everyday, the body ages quicker which causes hair to thin easily.


7. Choose Products To Be Absorbed Or Rinsed Off – Some haircare products are meant to be applied to the scalp, left on for a period, then to be washed off or simply absorbed. Keep an eye out for products which do not require washing, especially those that are water-based or water-soluble, as these are not likely to clog pores and will not cause further oil secretion. On the other hand, some hair treatment products are meant to stay on the scalp or hair for a period before washing, these can be both oil-soluble and water-soluble. When cleansing, we should ensure that the substances are rinsed well so that they do not stay on the scalp. This is because lipids and dandruff enhance the growth of microorganisms, which multiply and grow exponentially as a result, creating a greater chance of infection, as well as leading to more scalp pimples and dandruff. Therefore, please try to keep your scalp fresh for as long as possible.


8. Change Your Shampooing Routine – Many people already wash their hair in the morning, which is a good habit to have. After a night’s rest, the scalp naturally secretes, hence a hair wash in the morning will achieve cleanliness. Please note that the scalp will accumulate secretions throughout the day, which may increase due to being exposed to air pollution or being in stuffy environments such as offices. Similarly, the body naturally absorbs nutrients during sleep, having a clean scalp makes it easier for nutrients to be absorbed. Therefore, it is best to shampoo before sleep, a simple wash is enough. Applying shampoo once is enough, whilst some stylists instruct clients to shampoo twice before applying conditioner. Shampooing twice is only recommended if you wash your hair once every few days or generally use a lot of hair-styling products. If you wash your hair everyday, shampooing once is enough. The scalp doesn’t need to be over-cleansed, simply a mild anti-inflammatory formula will suffice. Our Lanuwa Purifying (No.2) & Nourishing (No.3) shampoo contain anti-inflammatory formulas, apply gently with your fingertips to cleanse the scalp without pulling hair. After rinsing, use our Lanuwa Well-being conditioner (hypoallergenic and prevents hair loss) to moisturise your scalp.


9. Change Hair Drying Habits – People are often used to their busy lives and focus on efficiency in everything they do. Some aren’t used to drying their hair at all, or simply settle with quickly blow drying on high heat, which are not good habits to have. A moist scalp is conducive to the growth of microorganisms, which can easily lead to infection, inflammation, and scalp pimples. In addition, moisture left on the scalp stays there which keeps the scalp at a low temperature, in turn the metabolism of blood vessels under the scalp slows down, ultimately affecting hair growth. The ideal method is drying the scalp with warm air after shampooing. Don’t be too hasty, as hot air will stimulate the scalp and produce oil secretion. Try adjusting your hair dryer on a warm setting, and focus on drying the scalp, not the tips of your hair.


10. Keeping Your Neck Warm – Healthy hair growth depends on good blood circulation and metabolism within the scalp. Apart from paying attention to scalp cleansing and maintenance, we should also be aware of the transport of blood and nutrients to the head and brain from the heart through the neck. Many experience frequent headaches due to the failure of keeping their neck sufficiently warm. Simply wear a scarf when you go out in the winter, or a silk scarf in the summer to keep your neck warm and improve blood circulation within the head, which is conducive to healthy hair growth.


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